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March To End High Drug Prices
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Congress Must End High Drug Prices

END HIGH DRUG PRICES: We’re live talking with Rep. Lloyd Doggett, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, about real life health care stories and why Congress must act to #EndHighDrugPrices. (via

Posted by Families USA on Monday, June 1, 2020

March To End High Drug Prices
Storyteller Fireside Chat

March to End High Drug Prices Fireside Chat

Posted by Families USA on Monday, June 1, 2020

Affordable Medicines are Still Elusive: America’s Families Want Fair Prices

Rx Drugs Roundtable: Costs, Access, and Affordability


About Us

While high drug prices continue to be a source for constant debate among lawmakers, for millions of America’s families, they are a painful and burdensome reality that often force them to choose between the basic necessities of life. For example, nearly one in three consumers facing higher drug prices cut-back on ​basic necessities, such as buying food to account for the increase​d financial burden. For some families, the choice is even more dire — nearly three in ten adults in our country have not taken required medicine due to its costs.

West Health and Families USA formed a partnership to, with their collective areas of expertise and resources, galvanize health care advocates to fight for lower drug costs and to present Congress with solutions to lower drug prices. Now.

This site is the digital home of our partnership. Here, we present the principles by which we are driven, highlights from our work with members of Congress on this issue, opportunities for individuals to take action in this fight, and the lived experiences of the families across America who struggle to afford their prescription drugs.

If you want to help us in our fight to lower prescription drug costs for America’s families, sign up here. If you would like to share your own story about how high prescription drug costs have affected you or your family, please click here to share your story.


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Statement of Principles

In 2020, Congress has the opportunity to pass momentous legislation that would make drugs more affordable to everyone in our country. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates $456 billion in government savings from Title I of H.R. 3 over ten years. Businesses and consumers would also save money through lower health insurance premiums. While the bill has many critical provisions, its core provisions would:

  • Allow Medicare to negotiate the price of drugs—a milestone for the program. If negotiation fails, Medicare would set drug prices based on what other developed countries pay.
  • Protect Medicare from drug price increases above the rate of inflation. 
  • Restructure Medicare Part D to cap out-of-pocket costs for beneficiaries and require drug manufacturers to pay a larger share of Medicare costs.

In addition to the vital reforms contained in H.R. 3, other commonsense, bipartisan proposals would target abusive manufacturer practices that keep drugs unaffordable. These include:

  • Ending patent thickets for brand name drugs, which extend the monopoly period for lifesaving treatments many years beyond original patent terms.
  • Curbing tactics designed to keep generic drugs off the market, such as pay-for-delay deals.
  • Ensuring fair prices for drugs developed using taxpayer dollars.

Take Action

More than 7 in 10 voters want to see action on prescription drug prices from their elected officials. Are you one of them?

If so, join Act to End High Drug Prices so you can share your story, get plugged into the latest drug pricing action at the federal and state levels, and be a part of a growing movement to end high drug prices.

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