While high drug prices continue to be a source for constant debate among lawmakers, for millions of America’s families, they are a painful and burdensome reality that often force them to choose between the basic necessities of life. For example, nearly one in three consumers facing higher drug prices cut-back on ​basic necessities, such as buying food to account for the increase​d financial burden. For some families, the choice is even more dire — nearly three in ten adults in our country have not taken required medicine due to its costs.

West Health and Families USA formed a partnership to, with their collective areas of expertise and resources, galvanize health care advocates to fight for lower drug costs and to present Congress with solutions to lower drug prices. Now.

This site is the digital home of our partnership. Here, we present the principles by which we are driven, highlights from our work with members of Congress on this issue, opportunities for individuals to take action in this fight, and the lived experiences of the families across America who struggle to afford their prescription drugs.

If you want to help us in our fight to lower prescription drug costs for America’s families, sign up here. If you would like to share your own story about how high prescription drug costs have affected you or your family, please click here to share your story.


In Solidarity,
Act to End High Drug Prices
West Health – Families USA Partnership