Deidre was diagnosed with Latent Autoimmune Disease of Adulthood (LADA) in 2012, and she’s been forced to make major life changes ever since.

When you’re sick, you feel helpless and now feeling empowered as a patient to use my story and affect real change. Ever since Savanna was three years old, she has encountered a number of problems with her health.

The exorbitant cost of Eliquis is ruining my retirement… Funding Big Pharma was not in my Social Security budget plan, yet here I am. Drug prices are life-changing, and not in a good way. Maureen has a history of issues with blood clots.

I fear for when my son is a young adult and no longer on our insurance.  How will he afford this? You hear about people dying because they can’t afford their insulin. It is a maintenance medication for a type 1 diabetic yet it doesn’t get treated as such. Why is my blood pressure medication […]

What a lot of people don’t understand is that not being able to afford insulin for a Type 1 diabetic is a death sentence.    Prescriptions: Humalog, Lisinopril, Hydrochlorothiazde, Rosuvastatin and Basaglar

I have to reach a $3500 deductible but I’m diabetic every single day. This is something that I need regardless of a deductible or regardless of my income, and people shouldn’t have to choose between paying their bills and

It was just too expensive for us to afford. We didn’t know anything about diabetic ketoacidosis, rationing, or the importance of insulin to survive. I have another daughter who is a Type 1 diabetic and I don’t want

I get sick of fighting with the insurance companies since they change things that are especially critical for a diabetic   Prescriptions: Humalog with an Omnipod pump and Dexcom 6 CGM, Atorvastatin, Benazepril, Ropinirole, and Citalopram.

I’m 60 but I feel older because of the stress I’m constantly feeling; I’m just gonna say it’s very hard. We have the constitution that guarantees the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But how can you

Prescriptions: Envarsus, Everolimus, Prednisone, Atovaquone, Combivent Respimat, PROLIA, Valtrex, Clonazepam, Pantoprazole, Zyrtec, Pravastatin, and Zetia   Catherine was on Medicare and disability when her lungs began